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Helpful Tips

There should be no fear or stigma attached to admitting depressive symptoms

– 5% of world population is suffering from depression at any one time

-There is lifetime of 12% risk and 25% for women becoming depressed

– 1/3 of population will experience an episode of mild depression during their lifetime

-Almost 40% of people who meet the criteria for major depression do not go to the doctor

– Depression can happen at any age

– Exercise, right eating and good sleep pattern complement drug and non-drug treatment in recovering from depression

– Avoid daytime naps and too much caffeinated drinks in the evening to help maintain regular sleep habits

– If you are on anti-depressant

1/ it could take up to 4 weeks before experiencing any relief

2/ continue your medication for up to 6 months to reduce the risk of a relapse

3/ anti-depressant are not associated with addiction

4/ do not stop or change the dose regime of your antidepressant without the knowledge and agreement with your doctor or prescriber.

-1 in 12 people self-harm in their teenage years and about 10% will continue into their adult lives

– An estimated 8% of UK teens deliberately harm themselves

-Self-harm in adolescence is significantly associated with symptoms of depression, anxiety,, antisocial behaviour, high risk alcohol use and smoking cannabis and tobacco

-Most common form of self-harm is burning or cutting

Sources: NICE depression in adults: recognition and management 2009: CPPE depression 2014: NHS choices

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